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Ask the Expert: Is there a way to embed a screen shot or video clip into a help ticket using TeamSupport customer support software?

Our resident expert and CIO Eric Harrington highlights some great features to enhance your customer support experience that you’ll only find in TeamSupport's helpdesk software


TeamSupport helpdesk software CIO Eric Harrington Eric Harrington

Even if you’re using one of the top help desk software systems on the market, you may still find that your help desk team is wasting precious time and energy trying to get to the root of a customer’s problem.

If you’re spending more time trying to understand the problem than you are solving the problem, you’re not alone. Read on to learn how TeamSupport’s ticket system offers a unique feature to help you solve this problem. Here’s how!

Q: When a customer contacts us with an issue, our customer support team loses so much time trying to “guess” what the problem is. A lot is lost in translation when a customer is trying to describe a problem over the phone, e-mail or by chat. How can TeamSupport helpdesk software solve this for us?

Eric: What you describe is a common problem—but TeamSupport issue management software has the tools to help you solve this issue! In fact, you may be surprised to learn that TeamSupport is the only help desk software that allows you to integrate screen shots, video and audio directly into help tickets. As the expression goes, a picture is worth a thousand words!

It’s so simple to use! Your customers save time and frustration because they can literally SHOW you their issue, and your help desk team members will save time and frustration because no longer will they waste time and energy trying to guess the problem. They can see it in real time! And, the customer service rep can even return an audio or video clip to demonstrate how the customer can solve the issue for him or herself.

Here’s a short video clip that illustrates how the video and audio clips easily embed into a help ticket using TeamSupport’s award-winning customer service system.


Contact us today to learn more about TeamSupport’s one-of-a-kind screen recording, video and audio recording feature that lets you embed clips directly into a help ticket. And, let us show you some other great features that you might not even have explored yet. Don't forget to follow TeamSupport CEO Robert C. Johnson in Wired!

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