Hints and Tips | | Published November 06, 2013

Is Your Customer Service Keeping Customers Satisfied?

customer experienceThe goal of our help desk software is to elevate your customer support and make providing excellent customer service easier.

We came across this article recently that outlines how clearly data and research support a fact we here at TeamSupport already know: Customer service is essential to the health of a business.

The article states it plainly enough in the title: More Than Half of U.S. Consumers Have Switched Service Providers Due to Poor Customer Service. I can attest to this. I just switched from my cable provider of over 3 years to a new one. Yes, this new provider is offering better rates guaranteed for a year, but they have been wooing our household with that offer for years now. What tipped the scales in their favor and made me decide to actually make the move was the lack of customer service I was receiving.

Years of poor customer service and lack of customer service empathy and effort built up to a boiling point. I was beyond frustrated and I felt that it made no difference to the company if I left or stayed. So I took matters into my own hands and I decided to finally make good on my threats to take my business elsewhere. The new company has already impressed me with their customer service, their attentiveness and their willingness to provide assistance no matter how small the issue.

I am hopeful that their customer service will maintain the excellence that they have shown to date. However, considering my past experiences, it would not surprise me in the least if it did not and I find myself in a year or two searching again. It’s a shame that so many companies fail to recognize the importance customer service plays in recruiting and keeping customers.

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