Business Practices | | Published October 30, 2013

Is Your Customer Support Leading or Catching Up?

TeamSupport CommunityThe best help desk teams want to be leading the pack when it comes to customer service.

Encourage a competitive spirit to motivate your help desk to aim for bigger successes.

No business wants to feel like they’re treading water behind a bigger boat. It could be the product, break room or the size of the foosball table as compared to a competitor. The competitive spirit is a force that can drive smaller companies to big success.

This attitude should bleed over into your customer service. Things like how well your agents jive, what your company can offer to make people happy, and the software you use to track problems all show off your level of success. If you feel like you are just copying what others are doing it can have a psychological effect on your whole team.

Not everyone is going to be a master at customer service right away. Sure, you can read books and blogs and talk to others all you want, but when you get your first screaming all-caps Customer Support email, things get real.

You need every advantage you can take in business, and if your customers are not happy, nobody will be happy. So you need to boost your customer service in every way possible in order to maintain the peace at all times; otherwise you risk running into serious issues and falling behind.

Listening to experts, watching other help desk teams and replicating a little can give you an early advantage. Noticing what your competition or a random company across town does for their customers can jump start ideas for your own as well.

While revamping your customer service to be the best possible is important, sometimes you need to concentrate on other areas. For example, if your 2-person team has an important launch set and you do not have time to customize your help desk support software, you may just want to duplicate what someone else is doing to keep you afloat. You may not have time to customize auto responders or build out a nice Knowledge Base because you are too busy making customers happy by wowing them with your new features. Having a help desk support system in place lets customers know you are still taking them into consideration, even while acknowledging that you might be busy with other things.

Keep in mind that companies do not get very far without great customer support. Even if you do have your entire team monopolized in the middle of a deployment, strive to make support a priority. Respond to customers as quickly as possible; make an effort to try to answer support emails within 24 hours. Excellent customer service is one of the best ways for a small company to become a successful company.

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