Hints and Tips | | Published October 14, 2013

Dealing With Angry Customers? How Ticket Automation Can Help

As a leader in customer support software, TeamSupport lets help desk teams automatically escalate issues and immediately improve customer satisfaction

At TeamSupport, one of the best collaborative support software suites on the market, we know it is critical to deliver excellent customer service. That’s why our customer support software includes all the best help desk software tools you need to keep your clients content.

Learn how one TeamSupport customer recently used TeamSupport’s Ticket Automation feature to escalate the cases of unhappy customers.

A software company struggled to find a way to deal with unhappy customers before they reached the “tipping point.”

That’s when the company came up with a great solution: Using TeamSupport’s Ticket Automation feature, the customer support team created a rule flagging words like “angry” and “frustrated” in every help ticket.

Now, whenever a customer uses these words during the customer service phone call, chat, or social conversation, the ticket is automatically escalated to the company vice president for immediate service recovery and resolution.

This allows the VP to step in to address the needs of the customer and also gives him real-time visibility into how the help desk team is responding to customers and better understanding what the underlying customer issues are.

Routing and escalating tickets is a key component of customer support. You, too, can apply this best practice to your help desk’s operations and serve YOUR customers better than ever!

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