B2B Customer Support | | Published July 11, 2016

July TeamSupport Product Update - New Features

We've been busy making changes and adding features to TeamSupport customer support software over the past few months and we'd like to share them with you! Rather than send a bunch of separate emails, we thought we'd post a product update and run through the various additions.

Here's an overview:

  • Ticket Cloning: You asked and we delivered! Ticket cloning makes an exact copy of everything within an existing ticket and allows TeamSupport users to edit the cloned ticket as needed. The ticket’s history, fields, actions, and more are duplicated and can be revised as needed to add the correct information into the cloned ticket. 
  • Suggested Solutions:  suggested_solutions.pngWe're excited about this new feature because it brings the power of ticket deflection to your agents. When an agent starts to add an action, they can click on the "Suggested Solutions" button in the toolbar and see a list of Knowledge Base articles that may address the customer question or issue.
  • Jira: Jira fields are now available in multiple areas including Reports, Ticket Views, and Customer Portal Grids (optional). You can also sync non-mandatory Jira fields and exclude certain statuses from sync. 
  • Customer Families: customer_families.pngWe love this feature because of how well it addresses our customers' needs. Customer Families allows you to relate multiple customers together in the style of a parent/child methodology. This is really helpful when your customers have multiple locations or divisions and you need to manage them separately as well as get a high level overview.
  • Clone Ticket Automation Triggers: Our automation capabilites keep getting better! This feature is a time saver by using a "duplicate trigger" function when setting up automations. 
  • ScreenView™: screen_recording.jpgWe understand how important screen recording is to software and technology support. Our updated screen recording feature now uses WebRTC technology and can be used to create public or private actions. Both agents and customers can record their screen to detail the exact issue (or solution) and improve communication. 

Of course we will continue to enhance and add to our suite of tools in our goal to make TeamSupport the best B2B customer support software on the market. Stay tuned for future releases, and let us know what you think of our new features in the comments below!

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