Hints and Tips | 2 min read | Published June 05, 2012

Close the Ticket: How to End the Conversation Kindly

Closing customer tickets can be tricky sometimes and like all things customer support, nothing is black and white.

Some organizations like to wait for the customer to either close the ticket, or tell the support staff when it is ok to close a ticket. In some cases, this works great. Other times the ticket involves a simple question, a simple answer and off you go.

In other cases, a customer may find it rude to close their ticket right away, even though your support staff did not intend nor project rudeness at all.

I've spoken to many support managers over the years, and while this is not a huge issue we in support deal with, I was surprised to hear how some managers handle this crossroad for closing tickets.

So what do you do when you've answered the question/resolved the issue, and have customers that will never reply or update you that - "yes, all is well"?

With TeamSupport's help desk ticketing system, you can customize ticket statuses and build rules/automation around them. For example, we have a status called "Pending Closure". When a ticket is set to this status, the system will wait a full day, then close the ticket via our ticket automation engine. This way, we can answer the question and let it linger for one more day. If the customer replies, that's great. The system will auto change the status to "customer replied" and then we can go from there. However, in many cases, the issue or question has been answered or resolved and you don't want to keep a bunch of tickets laying around either as this can impact your reporting metrics.

We hope this tip helps. If your company has a way to deal with this, please share it here!

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