Help Desk Software | | Published August 31, 2018

11 Signs You Need A New Help Desk Ticketing System

Choosing when to opt for a change in help desk technology isn’t easy. There are a lot of factors, but sometimes knowledge of whether you need to switch can be tough to find. So, based on many talks with leading industry experts, let’s look at some of the top signs businesses often notice when they need a new help desk ticketing system…

  1. Still tracking tickets in spreadsheets – This is inefficient because, in many scenarios, it takes just as long to track as it does to respond to customers. A good help desk system tracks support tickets automatically and will save your help desk team a significant amount of time.
  2. You’re using a shared inbox for tickets – Even though you can see what was said to the customer, you can’t see if anyone else on your team is currently attempting to respond, nor any additional customer details. Using a help desk ticketing system solves these issues and also provides easy access to the history of all communication with a customer.
  3. It’s difficult to add/remove/change users – One of the most annoying obstacles a help desk team can face is needing to wait on IT to add a new person to an inbox or remove a certain user from a customer group. Use a modern ticketing solution to perform these tasks on your own in real-time and boost your efficiency.
  4. You don’t have a complete view of the customer relationship – Just because one contact at a company is angry with you, doesn't mean that the entire company is upset with your business (or vice versa). Utilizing a system with customer information visibility at both the contact and company level will help you truly understand if this dissatisfaction with your business is widespread.
  5. You can’t track your customer products and inventory – Without this feature, your team is always having to ask for product information from customers, leading to more back and forth and longer conversations. Worse yet, a customer can provide the wrong information and derail the entire issue resolution process. A help desk ticketing system can track all this information automatically and improve both the agent and customer experience.
  6. Your self-service offering is non-existent or poor – A good self-service solution is now expected from help desks, but they take time and effort to set up and maintain. A leading ticketing system has self-service built directly into its core, meaning portal information can easily be added directly into tickets.
  7. You can't generate sophisticated analytics to help make business decisions – Knowledge is powerful in the business world, and simple metrics such as number of emails sent don’t cut it anymore. A data-driven help desk solution can let you know how employees are performing and how their work is impacting customers, or even identify accounts who are at risk of leaving.
  8. You can’t leverage ticket automation to work more efficiently – Automation is expanding everywhere in our society, and it can be extremely useful when helping customers. A suitable help desk system will use ticket automation to immediately route tickets to the right agent (based on their expertise) so they can follow up directly.
  9. Your help desk system does’t integrate well with other software – Your team may be efficient, but all the critical information you have is siloed off from other departments. Increase your value through help desk system integrations with solutions including Salesforce and Jira, making it easier than ever for different customer-facing departments to be on the same page.
  10. You are constantly violating your SLAs (Service Level Agreements) – This can cost businesses a fortune and lead to very unhappy customers. To assist in reducing these violations, a ticketing solution alerts you when a customer is due a response based on the terms of their unique SLA.

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  1. There is no AI technology built in to strengthen your intel – Even the best help desk teams can benefit from a neutral opinion. The leading help desk ticketing systems on the market offer customer health monitoring and sentiment analysis to ensure your team always knows the status of every relationship.

As you can see above, companies switch to a new help desk ticketing solution for many reasons. The benefits of the modern and leading systems are plentiful, so if you’re in the market to improve your help desk operations we hope this information helped. Good luck in your evaluation and research!