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New Feature Added - Agent Ratings!

Customer support teams using TeamSupport help desk software can now benefit from using Agent Ratings!

TeamSupport's all new Agent Ratings feature invites customers to rate their support experience to give you real-time insights

So, how are we doing?

It’s a question asked by virtually every business that interacts with customers. Now, with TeamSupport, you don’t need to “guess” how you’re doing—Your customers can tell you directly!

TeamSupport’s newest Agent Ratings feature gives you the option of inviting your customers to provide immediate feedback on their level of satisfaction at the conclusion of their interaction with your support team.

As a result, you and your team benefit from:

  • Receiving immediate feedback
  • Tracking trends and service issues
  • Identifying areas where more training or product development are needed
  • Real-time metrics to improve the customer experience



When a help ticket is closed, TeamSupport allows you to send a follow-up survey to request feedback:

Customers will then be directed to a new screen where they can share specific comments about their service experience:

AgentRatings2Customer support representatives can then monitor how they’re doing—and supervisors can be on the lookout for training opportunities—through each agent’s ongoing Ratings report:


To learn how to set up Ratings, click here. (Note: All users who subscribed to TeamSupport on June 1 or after are automatically configured. All other current subscribers will need to configure their account to enable this new feature.)

To learn how to write Custom Reports for your ratings, click here.

Let us know what you think of it!

Your partner in service,

Robert C. Johnson, TeamSupport CEO

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