Hints and Tips | | Published August 05, 2013

Offering Superior Customer Service in Vacation Season

At TeamSupport, we believe now is the time to get serious about customer service

To keep customers happy and service strong, we strive to offer the best help desk and customer support software

At TeamSupport, we understand summer can have a dramatic impact on help desk and customer service teams. When your staff is away, customer service tends to suffer.

In a recent guest column in Wired, Robert C. Johnson, TeamSupport CEO, explains that even though summer fun is in full swing, it doesn’t mean your customer support can go on vacation. At TeamSupport, we’ve developed our own collaborative customer service model. I encourage you to consider doing the same. Interested in a free trial? Fill out the free trial form today to register.

Here are the five tips Johnson shared for improving customer care.

  • Update Your Knowledge Base and Customer-Facing Documentation. Keep your Web site and documents current so customers can find their own solutions, which will minimize the number of calls coming into your help desk.
  • Direct Support Requests to a Common E-mail Box. Each one of your support technicians will surely go on vacation sometime this summer, so set up a common mailbox and ticketing system. Discover why TeamSupport has the best ticket and support system.
  • Assign Open Tickets if a Rep is Away. Keep customer issues moving forward by assigning open tickets to another team member in the office.
  • Set Up Rules to Prioritize Tickets. Ensure critical customer issues are addressed first and fasted.
  • Communicate with Your Customer. If you decide to close the office for a holiday, let customers know with auto-responders. Address outstanding issues immediately upon your return.

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