Business Practices | | Published August 16, 2012

A Simple "Thank You"

When was the last time you opened the mail to find a handwritten thank you note from a company? Hmmmm, I don’t recall ever receiving one. Yes, I have gotten the preprinted “thank you for your purchase” or “thank you for your loyalty”, but a handwritten note from a team member, nope.

That’s why when I read this post about how Sprint customers are getting handwritten thank-you notes, I was impressed. I find the practice so refreshing. Not only is it a way to reach out to customers in an incredibly personal way, but it also brings the big business experience back to an individual level, a one on one, unique interaction. On top of that, it is an inventive way to get the employees more actively involved in the customer experience.

I tip my hat to the CEO at Sprint for recognizing how important the customer is, each and every one, and at taking an innovative approach to customer service in making them feel appreciated. The task assigned of writing the note itself instills in the employees a respectful and thankful demeanor when interacting with the customer. The notion that this task is inspiring friendly competition within the company is one we have promoted in the past. It serves as a wonderful way to motivate and to inspire customer service excellence. What a great way to train and develop your staff to be customer oriented!