Product Features | | Published May 26, 2017

Organizing and Tracking Products with Customer Support Software

Knowing exactly what products your customers have is important. B2B (business-to-business) customer support is different than B2C (business-to-consumer), with product tracking being relevant in the former in order to have a successful support operation. Let’s go into more detail as to the key reasons tracking products is important and the specifics around the value of organizing products in customer support software.

Why should I care about tracking products in customer support?

Many companies already have some sort of “Product” or “Client” team that handles all relationships around a product or specific offering. Isn’t this their responsibility? Of course it is, but that doesn’t mean you should just defer every product-related ticket to them. By keeping track of product information on the support side of the business, you’ll be able to better assist customers and reduce your overall ticket volume and close times. These reductions are accomplished by having product information and tracking readily available at your agents fingertips via customer support software so they can easily answer queries from all channels.

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What are some ways to track products with customer support software?

  • Tracking product versions – Some products are similar but not exactly the same and they may have different models or deployment methods. Customer service software gives you a place to store all issues around a specific product. It can also enable quick ticket responses such as closing all tickets with one action when a common problem for a product version has been fixed.
  • Associate customers to products – This lets you easily see all customers who have a certain product and provides you with a way to determine your most popular products. An association like this can also help with prioritizing your support responses and should be utilized in planning which product issues to tackle in what priority. Agents really like these associations because they give quick product intelligence when providing phone support for a customer issue.
  • Create product lines – A feature such as product lines allows you to aggregate products together and is useful for companies with several subsidiaries. For example, you may sell products to the same company through several different and distinctly branded companies. This can all be tracked in customer support software and you can even customize email addresses and templates for each product line to include the correct logo and branding. This is just one example of how companies can easily improve customer service via technology.
  • Make products searchable – Last but not least, you can enable your customer support team to search for products, product lines, and product versions on the fly via direct search within a customer support software solution. This makes it easy for agents to determine if a product is still supported or if a product version has been problematic in the past without having to dig through countless old tickets spanning multiple customers.


To summarize, tracking products in customer support software is powerful not only because it makes you more organized but it can lead to more personalized and relevant communication. Keeping products top of mind reduces several common customer support issues and streamlines the efficiency of your support team by relying less on other teams that don’t interact with customers on a daily basis. Once you add product tracking to your customer support software solution you’ll wonder how you lived without it for so long!