Hints and Tips | | Published September 05, 2013

Picture Perfect Customer Support

If your customer service team wants to provide the best customer support, it helps to have as much data as possible.

Help desk software that allows for a ticket to contain screenshots or images can provide a great advantage in solving an otherwise confusing customer issue.

TeamSupport offers two easy ways to embed images or screenshots into your tickets - You can paste them directly from your clipboard, or you can access a repository of previously uploaded images and add them directly to the action. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and embedding screenshots or other images can really help your customers understand the solution to their problems.

Pasting From Clipboard
First you will need to copy an image to your computer's clipboard. Most customers use a screen capture utility such as TechSmith's SnagIt to capture screen shots and then annotate them as needed. Once the image has been captured, you can use the "copy all" or "Ctrl-C" (command+c on a mac) command to move the image into your computer's clipboard.

Once there, you can click on the paste image icon in the action window and you'll see the screen below. Hit Ctrl+V (or Command+V on a Mac) and your image will be pasted into the action.

Note: Due to technical limitations of browsers, this feature is only supported in Firefox and Chrome - IE and Safari do not have the capabilities we need.


You can insert an image that has been uploaded into your TeamSupport account by clicking the insert image button in the tool bar.

When clicked, the following window will appear:

From here you can choose from previous uploaded images, or you can upload images to the editor and then insert. You can also organize images into folders.

Make sure your customer service is picture perfect with TeamSupport, a hosted help desk solution with a customer portal, knowledgebase and many other support tools.