| 2 min read | Published March 28, 2022

FAQ: Retiring the SnapEngage Brand

Everything you need to know about the upcoming sunsetting of SnapEngage

First of all, SnapEngage isn’t going anywhere. TeamSupport’s Messaging and Live Chat product is SnapEngage, but now with a new name and brand, and soon, an updated online presence on the parent TeamSupport website. 

You may have already noticed that we have been updating the name across channels and moved SnapEngage activity, such as blogs and social media, over to the TeamSupport site. 

We will continue to provide the same chat expertise and award-winning service. 


How will I login to the SnapEngage product if the site disappears?

A link will soon be available on the login page of the TeamSupport website. You can also still log in to the Messaging and Live Chat product directly here.


Why the name change?

To develop a cohesive and singular vision for TeamSupport, we need to fully integrate SnapEngage’s product, brand, website, and so on. In this case, it’s best to have all the eggs in the same basket. 


What will happen to the SnapEngage website?

As we move forward with integrating SnapEngage with TeamSupport, this means we will be integrating our websites as well. We will be phasing out the SnapEngage website in its entirety. 

We are currently in the process of moving over all SnapEngage pages to the TeamSupport site, so you won’t miss a thing. The SnapEngage web pages will redirect to the related pages on the TeamSupport website. 


What will happen to my SnapEngage product?

You will notice some changes in overall branding, but your product will continue to operate as normal. 


Will the SnapEngage product continue to be updated?

Yes! We recently released the new Supervisor update for live chat, and will continue to give the Messaging and Live Chat product the same attention and development. It is a core pillar of TeamSupport's dedication to helping our customers be customer-first. 


What will happen to the SnapEngage knowledge base and help articles?

For now, these will continue to exist in the same place with the same URL. Eventually, these will also be integrated into a new and improved knowledge base.


Will my CSM or SnapEngage contacts change?

The CSMs and contacts themselves will not change. You may continue to contact your team as usual. While most of our team have @TeamSupport emails, if you accidentally send to an old @SnapEngage address they will still see it and respond accordingly. However, try to bookmark the @TeamSupport email addresses for future correspondence.