Business Practices | | Published March 09, 2013

Rose Knows: 5 Essential Elements for Developing a Resolution Management Strategy

TeamSupport is one of the best help desk software solutions on the market, and we're proud to be affiliated with Bill Rose, one of the nation's leading experts on customer service.

Is your customer support team seeking to make your customers happy? Start with a simple question: "What do we need to do to resolve issues faster?"


Bill Rose Customer Service Consultant Bill Rose
Customer Service Consultant

Building your resolution management strategy is not rocket science, it is simply a “plan of attack” to get you focused on one specific part of your business.

Get started by pulling your management team together and find a white board where you can document everything that affects your ability to resolve customer issues.

The object here is to expose those areas that are holding you back and limiting your overall effectiveness. Some of these areas could be customer training, support rep skill levels, lack of tools or lack of proper reporting. Get to the root cause of each area and identify improvements that can be made in your processes and deliverables. You will be surprised to find that some very simple changes will deliver substantial rewards.


  1. Focus all of your attention on just one thing; resolve time
  2. Understand your customers and assess their overall technical expertise.
  3. Evaluate your current data collection methods to ensure that you are measuring everything possible in and around resolve time.
  4. Develop new reports and measurements that provide a clear picture of all efforts to resolve customer issues.
  5. Learn what other companies are doing in their efforts to resolve customer issues faster.