B2B Customer Support | | Published February 26, 2013

From the CEO: Say farewell to tiered customer support—and hello to a more collaborative help desk

TeamSupport succeeds by employing a more collaborative approach to customer service.

We have among the best ticket and support systems because of our collaborative customer service philosophy.


From the CEO Robert C. Johnson From the CEO
Robert C. Johnson

The reason TeamSupport has one of the best ticket and support systems available today is because we’ve abandoned the tiered model of support. I believe this once commonly accepted customer support system was bad for both the engineer and the customer.

In my recent guest column in Wired, I explain that the default for most tiered support organizations is this: If the agent can’t solve the issue, the problem is pushed up another level. Customers calling for support begin by talking to an agent who likely knows less about the product than they do. As the issue moves up the tiers, the customer’s frustration builds.




Collaboration is the solution

In our collaborative customer service model, issues are assigned a priority and put into queues as they come in. Just like in the emergency room, problems are address based on severity of the issue.

TeamSupport finds that working together – identifying the internal expert able to quickly solve the issue, no matter where this person resides in the company – enables us to reduce our cost per incident, hold times and resolution times. Developing a collaborative problem-solving environment has made a dramatic impact on our help desk and live chat support teams.

A collaborative support model can:

  • Better educate support reps.
  • Take better care of customers.
  • Avoid burnout.
  • Create a stronger sense of community.

Wondering how you can establish a collaborative customer support organization? Contact TeamSupport today!

Your partner in service,

Robert C. Johnson