Customer Self-Service | | Published April 12, 2024

Empowering Customers: The Value of Self-Service Support in Manufacturing

In manufacturing, effective customer support requires technology that spans geographical boundaries and provides a wealth of knowledge. From the production of everyday goods to the development of new technology, precision and efficiency are a top priority. Empowering customers to find answers to their questions independently can lead to quicker resolutions, and establish a deeper understanding of customer needs. 

Self-service support gives customers the ability to control their experience at their pace, while building a sense of confidence in the brand. TeamSupport’s robust self-service capabilities empower customers to do just that, and reduce the workload on your agents. 

Implementing Self-Service Support

TeamSupport’s unique Knowledge Base allows businesses to develop and maintain a centralized supply of guides, tutorials, FAQs, and general support resources. Powered by AI, this customizable asset can suggest relevant articles based on the demand. Customers can find answers to their questions without even needing to contact support agents. They can also access a Community Forum to exchange this information and share insights. Support agents can engage in the forums to provide guidance within the collaborative platform, but customers can also help each other. 

One customer, POMS manufacturing, noted the rapid growth of its knowledge base after implementing TeamSupport: “Before TeamSupport, we had about 20-40 logins to our knowledge base per month. After TeamSupport was implemented, that number increased to 300-400 logins per month. And in 2023, that number increased to an average of 800 per month.”

Self-service support solutions must be adaptable, to accommodate the needs of manufacturers across industries and geographies. Utilizing AI, TeamSupport includes ticket deflection that automatically suggests relevant resources that may help resolve a customer issue without intervention from an agent. By deflecting tickets, manufacturing companies can focus on efficiency and reduce the workload on their busy teams. 

“I cannot stress how much of an asset the knowledge base has become for us and the positive impact it had towards ticket reduction—even with a growing customer base,” said Travis Castleman, VP of Customer Support at POMS. “So much so that we put a knowledge base program together with a designated person to oversee its maintenance.”

Evolve with Your Customers

With highly customizable capabilities, TeamSupport provides technology that promotes customers to resolve their own questions and concerns. Manufacturing companies can even track the effectiveness of these efforts through reporting tools and metric monitoring, including Community Forum engagement rates and Knowledge Base article views. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of self-service initiatives and the identification of areas that could use improvement. 

Customer support can be the differentiating factor for manufacturing companies looking to thrive against the competition. Through self-service solutions, businesses can empower their customers and enhance operational efficiency. By giving customers control of their experience, they can discover answers at their own pace and give helpful feedback to the agents. This builds trust and a sense of confidence in the organization.

Invest in Your Customers

The manufacturing industry faces many challenges, including rapidly changing technology, supply chain disruptions, and geographic complexities. Self-support solutions empower customers to find answers to their questions independently, and resolve issues quickly and on their own terms. TeamSupport’s 24/7 self-service capabilities reduce the volume of inquiries to agents, freeing up resources and leading to greater operational efficiency. 

Self-service support solutions are also scalable and adaptable to businesses of all sizes across the manufacturing industry. With TeamSupport’s AI-powered interface, organizations can evolve alongside their customers and continue to play an integral role in satisfaction.  

Interested in learning more about TeamSupport’s premier customer support solution designed to make agents’ lives easier? Take a product tour or book a demo with us today.  

Interested in learning more about TeamSupport’s premier customer support solution designed to make agents’ lives easier? Take a product tour or book a demo with us today.