SaaS | | Published December 16, 2016

A Breakdown of Software Usage in the United States

As we become more connected, the number of industries utilizing software to become more efficient continues to increase. Software can automate tasks that we have completed manually for years, sometimes decades, and can save time and money for many different types of companies. So what should you know about software usage in the United States? Here are a few interesting findings…

  • Software is popular with startup companies – Also a global trend, some recent research by Capterra emphasized the popularity of software for startups. With leaner staffs, people wearing multiple hats, and no legacy of processes and procedures, the startup culture is a great fit for software of all different types and sizes. Even a small company with under 20 employees will likely have internal communication, accounting, and customer support software.
  • Software usage varies greatly from state to state – Citing the Capterra research once again, it’s interesting to see what types of software are used the most in each state. Choices such as Farm Management software seem obvious in states like Nebraska, but it may come as a surprise to some people that Library Automation software is the most popular software in West Virginia. Overall the most popular type of software in the U.S. is Project Management software, especially in states with large populations. Some of the other highly popular software industries in the country include:
    • Customer Support and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Church Management
    • Time Tracking / Time Clock
    • Warehouse / Storage / Shipping
  • On premise software solutions are now “rural” – As even smaller towns start to develop city-like behaviors and make improvements to their technology offering, many companies are making the switch to online SaaS (software as a service) solutions for their software with only rural offices opting for on-premise software installs. With fast internet speeds becoming more accessible and reliable in rural America, the cost to install, power, and maintain an on premise solution is less desirable than ever for most companies. Another major benefit of SaaS solutions is that updates can happen automatically. There is no need to wait on installs and pay an expert to update the software for you.

To summarize, the software industry in the United States continues to grow and be more complex. Many industries – from Salons to Energy Companies to Accounting Firms – are using all different types of software for a multitude of tasks. With SaaS solutions lowering the barriers for entry (and cost) for software in the business world, as well as reducing the amount of maintenance involved with software, it’s no surprise software in the United States continues to increase in popularity.

So how does this boom in software affect your business? What can you do about it?

The first step is to evaluate and prioritize where software is needed – look at your biggest pain points as a company and see how software can help you alleviate these. Even making a simple list of pain points will do the trick. Take your evaluation and then do a little research to figure out what software can meet your needs and whether their price point makes sense with your budget. Remember these companies deal with businesses often and are happy to engage in a dialogue even if you can’t purchase the software right away.

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