B2B Customer Experience | 5 min read | Published July 16, 2020

Part 4: Solve the pain caused by your current customer support system

"A picture or video or screen grab is worth a thousand words” when it comes to describing a problem.

Stop playing ticket volleyball with your B2B customers

When you stop playing ticket volleyball with your B2B customers--bouncing tickets from agent to agent or even dev ops—and achieve swift ticket resolution with the right B2B customer support software, everybody wins.

We conclude our four-part series about how a B2B customer support software solution like TeamSupport can help solve the many points associated with your current customer support system. In Part 1 we addressed how to shorten the time to ticket resolution and in Part 2 helped you reduce churn. In Part 3, we broke down silos. Now, we’ll minimize frustration by pinpointing a customer’s issue and see it in action with visual support tools for swift resolution.

Support agents and customers may not always speak the same language, leading to frustrating conversations when trying to identify issues. If the agent may think they need additional input from other team members—which is the “serve” in ticket volleyball—they may pass the customer off to someone else, and so on.

One way to make this easier on the agent and the customer? We’ve all heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In this day and age, it’s more like “A picture or video or 

screen grab is worth a thousand words.” When a customer is able to share a screen recording or image of their actual issue, it’s easier for the agent to see and understand exactly what the problem is, making the submission of the ticket much more efficient and the agent’s ability to resolve an issue in minutes instead of hours or even days as is the case when trading emails.

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 10.37.55 AMTeamSupport has a suite of products called Visual Support™ that enables just that through Video View™, Screen View™, or Image View™. With VideoView, instead of writing out a step-by-step description of the problem, the customer can record a video with audio, using a webcam or other recording device and embed the video into the ticket. The agent can then view the problem and respond via text or with a reciprocating video showing the customer how to fix the issue.

“Webcam recording has taken our hardware support team to the next level,” said Will Murphy, Director of Software Support & Development at A.C.T. Lighting, the leading distributor of entertainment lighting equipment used in the concert touring, theatrical and architectural industries, tells us. “It gives us a tool to quickly record the steps needed to diagnose and repair any hardware troubles customers experience while on tour with our products. In addition, our team is able to quickly show a customer what buttons to push and where specific cables should be plugged in so they can use products correctly."

There’s nothing like putting a face with a name to deepen customer relationships and send a message that a dedicated professional — a real, live person — is ready to provide support whenever the customer encounters a problem.