Customer Support Software | | Published May 08, 2024

TeamSupport’s Latest Product Release Gives Users the Ability to Create Custom Ticket Workflows

TeamSupport is excited to announce the launch of its newest release, Status Approval Workflow—the first release in a series of workflow options that will be available in TeamSupport in the coming year.

TeamSupport currently allows any user within an organization to update the status of a ticket, but in some cases, these actions need to be signed off or approved by a specific team member. For example, if an agent mistakenly changes a ticket status to “closed” before the problem is resolved, this can have cascading effects that can delay a resolution and cause frustration or confusion for the customer.

By setting up a Status Approval Workflow, administrators will now have the ability to require approval on a ticket page when a user attempts to move the ticket into a new status. Administrators can configure specific approval processes based on the ticket type and define which user groups are allowed to approve status changes, streamlining business practices. 

This innovative and customizable feature improves the ability to share and collaborate on tickets. This will increase functionality and efficiency in organizations that are using TeamSupport across departments. 


Once an approval process is set, tickets will remain in their current status until approval is given to change. For example, tickets will not be moved into “closed” status until the approver accepts the request to close out the ticket. Administrators can indicate which users or user groups have the ability to approve status changes on the workflow within the organization.

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