Hints and Tips | | Published July 03, 2017

How to Tackle Ticket Triages Before They Start

There’s no quicker way to ruin your company’s customer support image than a bad review. The list of should haves, would haves and could haves instantly hits you when you realize just which improperly handled ticket was the one that set the bad review in motion.

Eventually you get tired of the constant fight with forces beyond your control, and you try to figure out a new system where you can actually be there before the first spark of the forest fire. That’s where you need the perfect helpdesk solution. At PDFfiller with over 9 years of bootstrapping in the digital office market we figured out the three key elements that empower you to prevent bad reviews. We recommend the TeamSupport app to our customers as it offers all three elements: a reliable metric system, ticket tracking and the ability to customize channel management.

How far can customer support strategy go without analytics? Metrics and statistics are the only way to distinguish redundant cases and tackle them. Every helpdesk app offers its own statistical toolset. It’s important that the solution you choose allows managers to tag the tickets and then use these tags in automatic reports. Customized reports are also a must. Follow your tags wisely and crises will be averted.

TeamSupport, a customer support software, offers an intuitive supervisor interface with ticket routing and reminders. It has a customer distress index and alerts. Ticket management tools make every issue with a customer easy to deal with. Also, it’s crucial to get other team members involved in discussions, which is why TeamSupport offers the Water Cooler and Internal chat for better collaboration.

It’s also critical to track whether your emails have been opened. If you pay attention to your read and delivery receipts, chances are you won’t have to deal with unexpected complaints about Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Studies show that 42% of consumers expect a response within 60 minutes, at PDFfiller we guarantee a reply within 40 for standard subscription and 15 minutes for business subscription; your customers might want less than that. It’s also a plus if you can set a tracking manager to see whether your emails are delivered to a customer’s inbox or spam folder and set notifications to always keep you in the loop.

Knowledge base still plays a significant role in customer support strategy. You can build your knowledge base with simple FAQ answers or dig deeper to encourage your customers and partners to participate in the support community. Either way, your helpdesk solution must be able to systemize resolved tickets that could become essential bricks in the knowledge base architecture. TeamSupport has a customizable customer hub that you can embed into your website, built-in customer chat, and community forums that work perfectly for customer self-service, the first level of customer support.

In fact omni-channel support is still a complicated issue to balance in your strategy. Your customers might prefer a knowledge base, social media reach out, website ticket system or email inquiries, it’s still wise to keep all options open and invest in the channels your customers prefer. 67% of users have tried and continue to use company social media accounts to get customer support (J.D. Power Ratings) but according to our own statistics, PDFfiller customers prefer to leave inquiries in tickets on our website and receive callbacks.

TeamSupport is a feature-rich app that will help you run your own analytics and choose what channels of customer support are worth investing in. It’s a great product for any business - a one-person operation, middle-sized B2B service or a large corporation. In the pack of helpdesk solutions, TeamSupport is the one that will make sure you stay true to your company and helpful to your customer.

Irene Samozdran is a content marketer at PDFfiller. She switched from a career in journalism to exploring marketing and content strategies. She enjoys doing interviews with developers and storytelling experiments.

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