Features - Help Desk Software Solutions | 4 min read | Published March 17, 2022

Upgrade Customer Support Agent Performance with Supervisor

Training new hires on the fly isn’t easy and yet it’s quite common. When a support team is missing hands, chances are that new support agents will be hitting the tickets with precious little preparation. Needless to say, this can quickly lead to problems with customers.

When a customer chats in with a new or particularly green support agent, the team member might provide wrong information or generally make some mistakes. Beyond just new hires, high-risk chats may also concern angry customers and require precise defusing. 

If these situations go poorly, as they often can and do, there is a considerable amount of retroactive clean up necessary, and usually the damage is already done. So how do you prevent these sorts of occurrences from happening? What if supervisors could course correct before disaster?

That’s the idea behind the new and highly-requested Supervisor technology for TeamSupport’s Messaging and Live Chat product, a groundbreaking live chat feature that empowers managers to provide suggestions and coaching in real-time.


Evolve your live chat teams beyond retrospective agent training

As a whole, the combined Supervisor improvements enable managers (supervisors, if you will) to see what is happening real-time across all Messaging and Live Chat conversations. This allows instant course-correction and provides an easy way for supervisors to observe and coach agents – whether they’re new or caught in a bind. 

The new Supervisor enhancements for live chat address critical monitoring and performance management requirements for TeamSupport’s live chat customers. Now customers can rapidly improve the performance of an agent, or the entire team, and so: 

  • Increase customer satisfaction and improve Net Promoter Scores (NPS)
  • Reduce time to resolution
  • And more. 

However, Supervisor can go beyond coaching and calling in reinforcements. Many TeamSupport live chat customers have several support agents handling chat conversations and they experience significant pain points related to monitoring and managing overall performance. When Messaging and Live Chat is used across multiple teams, departments, and different locations, certain complications tend to arise with real-time monitoring and performance tracking. 

Supervisors need to be able to understand how their entire team is performing at any given time, or in a word, to supervise. However making changes and coaching in an unobtrusive way – one that doesn’t disrupt anyone’s workflows and puts the customer first – is absolutely necessary. 

Many customers can take this another step by incorporating regular chat performance into manager reports and one-on-one meetings, team meetings, and any kind of meeting that’s applicable. 


New features to empower live chat management

Supervisor makes it even easier for managers to train, coach, and suggest to agents “live” (in the moment) using the chat view and the Whisper action. With Whisper, managers can quietly and privately advise agents in the middle of any conversation. It’s now more simple than ever to keep tabs on additional conversations that might need future review.

Additionally, the Observe action enables managers to keep their eyes on several ongoing chat conversations simultaneously. The Takeover action allows managers to take over a chat if it needs special attention, whether something impacts an agents’ ability to respond, or it just requires additional expertise. By using Takeover you can ensure that the conversation continues and your customers’ experience is always seamless. 

With the new features and abilities afforded by Supervisor, customer-facing teams, and especially customer support agents, can always operate like experts, regardless of how new an agent is. By ensuring a more seamless and proficient live chat experience, you ensure a better experience for all customers.