Business Practices | | Published April 25, 2012

TeamSupport Boosts Efficiency at Wren Solutions

Â ( –the popular provider of web-based customer support and help desk software solutions –has announced a successful deployment of the company's Enterprise Edition by Wren Solutions, a leading supplier of physical security solutions for loss prevention. The Jefferson City, Missouri-based company offers a comprehensive suite of Web-based applications under the Encapsulon® brand for enterprise-level security and operations management.

Seeking a well integrated solution to streamline Wren's internal supportworkflows, IS and Client Services Manager Sean Chambers chose TeamSupport "for its ease of use and customization, plus an incredible number of features for the price ... we replaced four independent systems in six departments [with] a single one that gives us insight and open-to-close issue tracking, even when something's handed-off to another group. We eliminated multiple spreadsheets and tracking systems; what once took 20-30 minutes [now] takes five ... we've saved some 20% in man-hours over the past six months and by reducing our [use of] the CRM enterprise software, we're saving more than 40% in monthly seat license fees." See the full case study at

"We designed TeamSupport to help our clients provide exceptional support to their own customers by facilitating internal collaboration and workflow efficiency," said company CEO Robert C. Johnson. "Wren Solutions embraced our concept and has taken full advantage of its power and functionality to reduce expenses and increase productivity."

Used by customer support and help desks worldwide, TeamSupport is easily configured and customized; the application is offered in several reasonably priced, upgradeable versions. TeamSupport is scalable from a simple help-desk application to a 100+ seat enterprise-wide customer support and product defect tracking system.

About TeamSupport is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dallas, TX-based Muroc Systems, Inc. (, a holding company focused on developing productivity enhancing software products delivered via the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

About Wren Solutions
For nearly 30 years, Jefferson City, Missouri-based Wren Solutions has supplied Loss Prevention professionals with wide range of physical security solutions –from video surveillance hardware to retail audit software. Wren helps leading retailers and organizations of all kinds protect assets and reduce loss. The company has earned a solid reputation for top-notch customer service and high quality products.