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TeamSupport.com, One of the Best Help Desk and Customer Support Software Solutions, Introduces New “Ticket Collision” Feature

You may be asking yourself: “What is the best help desk software for customer support?” We think it’s TeamSupport—and here’s why!

Here at TeamSupport.com, one of the industry’s best software solutions for customer support and help desk teams, we’ve just introduced our newest software feature to help prevent “ticket collision” from happening – in other words, preventing duplication, inefficiency and contradictory responses coming from your help desk. Interested in a free trial? Fill out the free trial form today to register.

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Preventing ticket collision takes customer care to a whole new level. Now when customer service reps address a customer issue, TeamSupport’s software allows them, in real time, to see who else on the team or within the company is working on the same ticket at the same time. TeamSupport’s new ticket collision features offer a real-time ticket view and real-time ticket updates.

“TeamSupport is consistently ranked one of the industry’s best help desk software because TeamSupport dramatically enhances internal collaboration to serve customer issues,” said Robert C. Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport. “The addition of these newest features, designed to prevent ‘ticket collision’ and duplication of effort, help companies communicate more effectively than ever, ensuring that customers receive a seamless experience and the fastest possible response to their issues.”

To learn more about why TeamSupport is the best help desk and customer support software, contact us now!

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