Customer Support | | Published November 06, 2023

Why Choose TeamSupport over Salesforce Live Agent?

It’s more critical than ever to deliver customer support in a timely and efficient manner. According to  Forrester, customers are 2.4 times more likely to stick with a brand when their problems are resolved quickly. 

To achieve that level of responsiveness, your business needs live chat—providing a way for customers to interact with you at any time, day or night. But not all messaging and live chat software is created equal. To enhance your overall customer experience, you need a chat that’s intuitive, personalized, and improves your time to resolution.

In these important areas—the ones that matter most to customers—TeamSupport outperforms Salesforce Live Agent at just one-third of the price

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How TeamSupport Outperforms Salesforce 

The market for live chat has seen impressive growth over the past few years as companies seek to offer more virtual touchpoints for customers. From small startups to larger entities like Salesforce and Zendesk, companies have many options for live chat software. But these don’t offer the level of customization, advanced features, and AI-driven insights at the price point that TeamSupport does. 

When it comes to implementing a live chat tool, Salesforce customers might be hesitant to work outside a platform that’s already part of their existing tech stack. But there are several important features that Salesforce Live Chat customers are missing out on. Let’s look more closely into the features that make TeamSupport the better option for chat.

  • Ability to integrate. TeamSupport Messaging & Live Chat supports channels that Salesforce messaging does not, including Google Business Messages. We also offer integrations with systems beyond Salesforce, so you can work inside your preferred CRM and other platforms. 

  • Level of customization. TeamSupport offers a live chat experience that serves as an extension of your brand. Consistency across channels is an important factor in providing optimal customer support. Unlike Salesforce, TeamSupport lets you fully create and customize the look and feel of your chat experience with just a few clicks—no coding required. 

  • Proactive chat included. You can reach more customers by starting a conversation based on contextual information such as the webpage they’re visiting, how long they’ve been looking at your site, and more. 

  • Real-time Supervisor. Our software helps support managers monitor chats in real time and displays sentiment scores so they can determine whether an agent needs help with a customer issue, even before an agent requests assistance. 

  • Built-in Screenshare. TeamSupport offers the ability for customers and agents to screen share when support requires more than just text or images. Unlike our competitors, we don’t require plug-ins or downloads to activate this feature, so customers get a seamless experience with minimal hassle. 

Meet Growing Customer Demands with AI and Machine Learning

TeamSupport customers have even more live chat features to look forward to. Starting in 2023 we’re offering a number of AI-powered features that will help improve your overall customer experience while helping your support team work more efficiently. Unlike Salesforce, TeamSupport offers: 

  • Sentiment Analysis: Our AI monitors chat conversations for sentiment so a supervisor can see how chats are going at a glance and offer assistance if necessary. 
  • Chat Summarization: TeamSupport generates conversation summaries so agents can get up to speed quickly and customers get faster resolutions to ongoing issues. 
  • Suggested Solutions: TeamSupport analyzes conversations and provides insightful suggestions from your company’s product knowledge base. Don’t have a knowledge base? We’ll help you set one up! 

It’s time to stop overpaying for a mediocre chat product. Curious to learn more about how to save money and offer a better customer experience? Talk with our sales team today