Hints and Tips | | Published April 24, 2013

TeamSupport Tips: How to customize replies from your customer support team

Customize replies from your customer service team by adding your company logo to your emails

Help desk, customer support, and customer service teams represent their company and are often the company's most visible outward face to the customer.

So, it makes sense to get your logo out there in front of the customer. Brand recognition is important, and adding your logo to your customer service emails is a great way to reinforce that customer connection. Providing customer care that exceeds expectations creates an association that will make a long lasting impression.

Here's a tip on how to add your company logo to the emails from your help desk.

1. Go to Admin, select the Email tab and scroll down the page to where the email templates are located. Choose the Global template and click the Edit link.

2. On the third line, add the img src tag and location of your logo. Don't forget to click the Save button when you are done.

You can immediately see the results by clicking the Preview link next to the Edit link.

helpdesk software add logo to customer service emails

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