Hints and Tips | | Published May 02, 2013

TeamSupport Tip: Automatically Route E-Mails by Keyword

TeamSupport’s customer support software can route customer service emails by the use of Ticket Automation.

An automation trigger can be set up that looks for newly created tickets (the simplest way to do this is to set the "Days Since Ticket Was Created" to less than or equal to 1) that have certain keywords in the title.

This can be done by creating a Trigger and setting two conditions in the "ALL" section:

- "Days Since Ticket was Created" to less than or equal to 1

- Ticket Name contains your keyword

When a new help desk ticket is created (by e-mail or any other method, including the portal) that has that keyword you can set Actions to apply to the ticket including setting a group or individual to be responsible for the ticket.

Another option is to set up an Alternate EMail Dropbox that routes e-mails to different groups and products.

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