Hints and Tips | | Published May 08, 2013

TeamSupport Tips: Ticket Tagging

A great help desk software should make managing customer support easier.

One way TeamSupport’s online help desk makes organizing help desk tickets simpler is with the use of Tags.

Tags is a useful feature of our help desk solution for organizing and searching helpdesk tickets. A tag is a keyword which describes all or part of a ticket. Think of it like a category, but smaller in scope. A ticket may have several tags, many of which relate to it only peripherally. Tags can be created on-the-fly, by simply typing them into the tag field on the ticket form. You can also view all of your tags and sort them in an instant. Tags allow you to organize tickets around keywords that make sense to you. For example: you could add a tag called “Exchange” to quickly see a list of tickets that involve the exchange server.

TeamSupport’s help desk software presents you with a full tag cloud making it easy to find anything tagged in your account right away. You can place multiple tags on each ticket and also filter your tags. You can group tickets with one another, place multiple tags on ticket and filter them from the Tags section.

To tag a ticket, simply open a ticket and enter in a tag and click the green "plus" button as seen below. If a tag does not exist, once you add it to a ticket, it will be created and can be viewed in the tag section - There is nothing special you need to do to create a tag, just type in the keyword and hit plus! If the tag already exists, you will see a box with the tag name in it as you start typing and you can just click on it.

Removing a tag from a ticket is even simpler; just click the "x" next to the tag. You can also click on the tag name and be taken to the Tags section to see what tickets share these tags.

In addition, any word within the ticket description or action that is also a defined tag can be clicked and will take you to the tags section and show you all tickets with that tag. This feature allows you to quickly see relevant keywords in the textual descriptions and discover relationships to other help desk tickets you may not have known existed.

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