Artificial Intelligence | | Published July 13, 2023

The Power of AI in B2B Customer Support: Maximize Efficiency

Who's the most famous bot of all time? Arguably, R2-D2 as the beloved, fictional Star Wars droid. 

r2d2 droid

But these days, there’s a very real, very talked about “bot” in our midst that people are eager to use: ChatGPT. 

With the advent of this solution, a massive wave of influence has sparked, prompting businesses everywhere to explore ways to leverage AI of this nature. And the B2B customer support industry is no exception to this transformative force.  

In our realm, businesses are looking to use AI technology to improve their operations, provide exceptional service, and increase customer support efficiency.

TeamSupport, the leading provider in B2B customer support software, is equally committed to introducing new AI-powered features to their platform in the coming months that offer high-quality support - all while leaving the humanness of customer care intact. 

Before we dive into what we’re working on, here’s our take on the ways AI technology should be used in B2B customer support:

  • To Streamline Customer Support Agent Workflows
    AI technology has the potential to revolutionize the way support agents handle customer inquiries. By leveraging AI-powered tools, businesses can significantly streamline support agent workflows and make their jobs much easier and quicker.

    AI streamlining business processes

By using tools that automate repetitive tasks, facilitate faster, more accurate responses, and/or provide data-driven insights into trends, businesses can enable agents to enjoy more effective and smoother workflows. 

  • As An Aid To Agents, Not A Replacement
    It is important to note that AI is not intended to replace support agents (nor should it). Rather, these tools should enhance the role of customer care professionals and act as a valuable aid.

    robot person handshake

the There are stark limitations of AI in replicating genuine, human empathy and understanding. Therefore, AI-powered tools can help agents move through tasks quicker, answer questions faster, and improve time-to-resolution, but they do not care for customers in the way an agent does. 

With those key values in mind, here are the AI capabilities TeamSupport is currently developing:

  1. Suggested Responses:
    One of the key AI-powered features we’re set to offer is suggested responses within chat conversations. By analyzing visitor responses in real-time, AI can formulate a series of messages for agents to choose from when replying to customer queries. This feature saves valuable time for agents, allowing them to respond promptly and accurately. In the long term, leveraging this kind of AI capability ensures consistent support across a wide range of efforts and contributes to happier, more satisfied customers.
    ai suggested solutions in TeamSupport customer support software

  2. Sentiment Analysis:
    Understanding customer sentiment is crucial for providing personalized and appropriate responses. TeamSupport's AI employs sentiment analysis, which enables it to gauge whether a customer is neutral, happy, or upset based on their chat messages. Armed with this knowledge, agents can tailor their responses to match or improve the customer's emotional state. 

    Additionally, by incorporating this analysis into reporting, businesses can gain a better, deeper understanding of their customers’ sentiment as a whole - powering truly impactful decision-making. In doing so, businesses ensure their agents can provide empathetic and effective support, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  3. Conversation Summarization:
    When transferring conversations between agents, AI-powered conversation summarization becomes invaluable. By automatically summarizing the conversation, AI can extract key points, essential details, and actions to be taken. This feature enables the receiving agent to quickly grasp the context and provide seamless support. By minimizing the time spent on understanding conversation history, agents can efficiently address customer needs, resulting in improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

The rise of AI in B2B customer support has opened up new possibilities for enhancing efficiency and delivering exceptional experiences. But, this wave of technology is only the beginning of impactful AI will be in assisting customer support agents and impacting their customer relationships. Keep an eye out for this feature release from TeamSupport and the ones to follow. 

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