B2B Customer Support | | Published June 25, 2013

From the CEO: Time spent in customer support is time well spent

Here at TeamSupport we believe customer support is one of the most important keys to a company's success.

Our help desk software is ranked among the best ticket and support systems because we do our best to understand the needs of the customer.

From the CEO Robert C. Johnson From the CEO
Robert C. Johnson

It’s no secret that customers are essential to the success of a business. Without them, there would literally be no business. TeamSupport strives to offer the best software for customer support. We accomplish that with a lot of help from our customers.

In my recent guest column for destinationcrm.com I explain why I believe every CEO should pull some help desk duty. If you truly believe that your customer is your most important asset, you should spend some time talking with them...

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Your partner in service,

Robert C. Johnson