Better Customer Service | | Published October 12, 2015

TeamSupport Top 10 Customer Service: Software Advice

TeamSupport is proud to be ranked one of the most popular #CustServ vendor on @SoftwareAdvice’s 2015 list. The ranking is unique because they assign a popularity score based on a survey of real users, brand search traffic, and social followers (instead of overall revenue and number of licensed users).

Although it's not a popularity contest (ok, actually it is) it is an honor to be listed among well known customer service software giants like Zendesk and Freshdesk. 


We asked Customer Service Researcher Craig Borowski what distinguised TeamSupport in the marketplace: "Actually, the first thing that stood out about TeamSupport wasn’t TeamSupport… it was the TeamSupport users and all of their very positive reviews! Soon after we started collecting reviews on our site I noticed that the reviews submitted by TeamSupport users were coming in quickly. And they still are and they’re all very positive. This speaks very highly of the product, its functionality and also its usability. End-users are often the harshest critics. The fact that so many rate TeamSupport so highly is really the best testimony a product can have and one of the primary reasons they are one of the most popular customer service systems in our new ranking." 

And in honor of customer service week, we have to thank our amazing customers - I wish there were a ranking for customers because we truly have some of the best ones out there and it is always a pleasure reading their flattering reviews. Of course we also value any feedback we get - so keep those feature requests and comments coming!

To learn more about TeamSupport and why our customers love us, visit our customer support software comparison pages: