3 Benefits of Cloud Based Software You Can Profit From

We often talk about the benefits of on-premise software vs SaaS, and a new survey from GetData shows the cloud-based software benefits as reported by hundreds of SMBs.

Not surprisingly, the top 3 benefits of cloud-based software are:

1. Easier to deploy and manage

2. Quicker to implement

3. Less IT support needed

The reason for this is that cloud-based applications are typically plug-and-play, they've established a solid, feature-rich platform that is updated on an ongoing basis, so as a user you never have to worry about expensive hardware, expensive updates, or a power outage shutting you down (see our post on a company who literally had that happen to them). Other benefits include ease of use, lower cost (a big bonus!), and greater security.  

Although greater security may surprise you, remember that SaaS companies are completely dependent on their software working ALL the time, it's what they do for a living.  This means they focus 100% of their resources to making sure that happens.  On the contrary, an individual company can only devote a portion of their resources to IT infrastructure, servers, and the like because they also have to take care of running their business. 

All in all, SaaS is becoming the way of the future - for startups, SMBs, and enterprise business the benefits of easy installation and lower costs speak for themselves.