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The 5 Soft Skills That Are Essential to Great Customer Support Teams

In many countries, customer support is straightforward – a customer has an inquiry, an agent helps them, and both parties go their separate ways. Usually nothing memorable happens. But how can you change this into a positive memory for your customer? Soft skills can be utilized to make a routine support experience something that stays with a customer for a long time and helps drive loyalty and satisfaction. Here are the 5 soft skills that are essential to great customer support teams and skills you should look for if you want your support operation to improve…

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What you Need to Know About Customer Support in the United Kingdom


The United Kingdom (UK) is a unique culture. Consisting of four countries – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland – there's a lot of history and tradition in the area. But what do you need to know about customer support in the UK, especially if you’re looking to expand or launch support operations in this region? Here’s a quick list of key things to consider as you evaluate your support options…

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6 Ways to Organize Support Tickets

The topic of how to organize your support tickets can lead to some debate among team members. Here are 6 ways we at TeamSupport recommend organizing your support tickets.


1. Severity

Severity is one of the most common ways to organize support tickets. While we'd like to think all tickets are the same, the truth is they just aren't. The bigger issues get addressed first, and the more minor stuff gets taken care of at a later date, 

Generally 3-5 levels of severity work well - too few and your customer will mark stuff as severe that isn't, too many and it is confusing. Finding a good balance can take time.

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Customer Support ROI Calculator

Hey busy support professionals! We're excited to share with you, our wonderful followers, a great new tool we developed to assess the Return On Investment (ROI) of customer support software - specifically B2B customer support software of course!

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Meeting customers at the starting line

When customers need help with an issue involving your product or solution, where's the first place they go? In the past, customers would call your support team directly. Now, they're more likely to search online for answers. According to Microsoft's State of Multichannel Customer Service Report for 2016, customers across the world overwhelmingly start their customer service interactions online as opposed to on the phone or in person. If possible, people would rather try to handle support issues on their own.

Your business needs to be ready and waiting for these customers at the beginning of their support journey. You can best provide online customer support in two ways: offering an online support portal that directs customers to self-service support options and optimizing the visibility of your support portal in organic search.

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