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How Ticket Automation Saves Time and Money

We’ve all had that monotonous task or project that never seems to go away. Every day, week, or month it pops up and there’s no avoiding it. But what if you could automate all or at least part of that task? While it may not always be possible, in customer support a technology called ticket automation is playing a huge role in maintaining a successful support operation and is helping to revolutionize the industry. So how exactly can ticket automation save time and money? 

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Understanding the NPS (Net Promoter Score) and How It Impacts B2B Customer Support

In the competitive B2B world, companies are looking for any way to have an advantage over their competition. Given this, you may or may not have heard of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) that some companies utilize to measure customer satisfaction. Let’s take a closer look at the NPS and more importantly its impact on B2B customer support.

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Customer Support in Canada – Providing Successful Support in the Bilingual Country

Canada is more than just cold weather and hockey. With the 16th highest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) on the planet, the northern neighbor of the United States also has one of the highest quality of life scores in the world. It’s a country with a large urban population and many opportunities. But what should you know about customer support in Canada and how to meet the needs of customers in this country? Here are a few things…

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5 Reasons Why Dental Software Buyers Are Switching to A REAL Practice Management Software Solution

We all remember getting a little post card in the mail from our dentist, letting us know that we are due for a cleaning or check-up. But, for better or worse, these days are mostly over. Now, dentists send text message reminders that enable instant appointment confirmation at the click of a button. This is just one example of how the dental industry is embracing technology, and to be honest it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are 5 reasons why more dental software buyers are switching to a REAL practice management software solution and are looking to leave their old methods in the past.

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The 5 Soft Skills That Are Essential to Great Customer Support Teams

In many countries, customer support is straightforward – a customer has an inquiry, an agent helps them, and both parties go their separate ways. Usually nothing memorable happens. But how can you change this into a positive memory for your customer? Soft skills can be utilized to make a routine support experience something that stays with a customer for a long time and helps drive loyalty and satisfaction. Here are the 5 soft skills that are essential to great customer support teams and skills you should look for if you want your support operation to improve…

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