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5 Tips for Defining Support Ticket Severity

The definition of ticket severity comes in many flavors depending on opinions. Some support solutions have so many severity types to choose from it's overwhelming. Or others are so vague no one really knows what they mean. Both of these are not only confusing to the customer, but also confusing to the support team. The job of a customer support provider is to make your customers' lives easier and to make support as efficient as possible. With that in mind, here are 5 tips to define your support ticket severity:

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Customer Service Reporting – Improve ROI with Analytics

Many areas of business have become data-driven and customer service reporting has become essential for many companies. With fewer customers picking up the phone and replacing these interactions with form submissions, live chats, and emails there are now many data points that create customer (and thus agent) intelligence that did not exist only a couple decades ago. But how can companies make sense of their customer service data and make it actionable to improve their overall bottom line? Read on to find out…

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5 ways customer support software can prepare you for anything

Customer support software is one of the best tools agents have to solve the issues customers have with their products or services. The solution ensures support teams work together, combining knowledge and customer information to provide a five-star support experience. Many people view customer support as a problem solver, but the right software allows businesses and agents to take a proactive approach. Here are five ways customer support software can prepare you for anything:

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[Infographic] The ROI of Customer Support

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The Difference between B2C and B2B Customer Support

You'll see the term “B2B” used a lot in articles, on blogs and in marketing campaigns, but not everyone knows what it means or why it’s important. We're taking this opportunity to explain the difference, and what it means for customer support. 

B2B is short for “Business to Business”, and it refers to companies who sell a product or service to other businesses.

The alternate of B2B is “B2C” – short for Business to Consumer. If your end customers are individual consumers, you are in B2C. 

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