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Customer support is part of a complete business strategy

Your business says it's committed to providing a great customer experience, but does it truly put its money where its mouth is? Your marketing and sales teams pull out all the stops, doing everything they can to impress prospective customers. Yet, what happens to those prospects after they purchase your product? Do they receive the same level of attention and quality of service, or are they put in a separate pile and forgotten about?

Customer support shouldn't take a back seat to sales or marketing. It should work with these two teams as part of a three-legged approach to help maintain a positive relationship, no matter where a customer is in the sales funnel.

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The relationship between sales and customer support is a circle, not a line

Because they function as two separate departments, many businesses make the mistake of viewing sales and support as independent operations. They see the customer journey as a straight line where the customer comes into contact with the business, purchases a product or service and seeks help from support should any issues arise.

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How proper support makes life easy for customers

If your business is like most others, it's probably taken steps to become more efficient. Maybe it introduced automated billing software, allowing accounting to process more invoices each day. Or, your business might outsource payroll, freeing your HR team from repetitive tasks. What you might not consider is that your customers want to operate efficiently, just like you. They want things to be easy instead of going through numerous steps that can take up their entire day.

The way you handle your support goes a long way toward helping or hindering customers in their efforts to become efficient. Making support easy from their point of view increases satisfaction and the relationship between the two of you. Here are a few ways customer support makes life easier for customers:

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The ROI of Customer Support

 We've addressed the issue of customer service as a profit center rather than a cost center a few times, but it's such an important topic that we wanted to address it again. Happily the great folks at Constellation Research feel the same way, and have published an informative research paper on exactly this topic. You can access the full report here, or read on for the highlights. 
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How to make collaboration a part of your support team's culture

When it comes to business-to-business customer support, the best experiences come from a team that is entirely on board and works together. That's why collaboration is such an important part of your support team's success. It's more than two people working alongside each other on the same project. Rather, collaboration is an idea built into the nature of the support team itself. When representatives help each other with tickets and share information, customers get better, faster results. Below are a few ways you can bring collaboration to your support team:

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