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Tiered customer support is dead

Customer support has one goal: to help customers with whatever issues they run into. Client satisfaction is key to a successful experience, and the best teams structure themselves around the needs of their customers. Why, then, do so many help desks work off an archaic tiered support model?

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How knowledge management improves customer support

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Proactive customer support drives long-term success

Companies operating in the business-to-business (B2B) space must constantly find ways to be better partners to their clients. Rather than operating on a ticket-by-ticket system, these businesses must understand their customers well enough to anticipate their needs proactively with the help of robust B2B customer support software. As this perspective quickly evolves from optional to mandatory, more organizations are taking a proactive approach to customer support.

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Understand your customers better with support software

The best business-to-business (B2B) customer support strategies are those that go beyond quickly resolving issues as they arise, and instead focus more on understanding customers well enough to anticipate their needs and frustrations proactively. Further, effective support teams work together to resolve issues and maintain relationships, rather than relying on a ticket system that confines valuable client information to ineffective silos.

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Empowering help desk agents with the right software

One of the most important avenues toward long-term client loyalty is high-quality customer support. In fact, data from Business 2 Community revealed that 80 percent of customer loyalty is driven by three key customer support attributes: reliability, responsiveness and simplicity. Of course, help desk agents can't deliver on customer expectations if they are not empowered with the right tools. Thankfully, collaborative customer support software is available to businesses of all sizes that enable support agents to provide an exceptional experience to clients.

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Understand Your B2B Customers Better