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The ROI of Customer Support

 We've addressed the issue of customer service as a profit center rather than a cost center a few times, but it's such an important topic that we wanted to address it again. Happily the great folks at Constellation Research feel the same way, and have published an informative research paper on exactly this topic. You can access the full report here, or read on for the highlights. 
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Adding humanity to your self-service support options

These days, many customers prefer to tackle their own issues before contacting your customer support team. They do this through the use of self-service support options. It's important that self-service entries are written less like a computer manual and more like an introductory textbook, taking complicated information and introducing it in a manner that is engaging and easy to grasp. Not only does this maximize satisfaction, but it also further emphasizes the fact that your business puts customers first. Here are a few tips for adding humanity to your self-service support options: 

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Is your support team answering queries from all channels?

Businesses are used to answering customer support questions directly over the phone. Yet, as the products and services offered by business-to-business (B2B) organizations turn increasingly digital, their customers start treating support in a similar manner. An increasing number of customers turn to online methods like email, chat and social media to contact businesses with issues related to their products. It's up to B2B companies to make sure they observe all channels and customers in a timely and efficient manner.

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Why self-service is still good customer service

Providing a way for customers to help themselves is a good way of providing customer support.
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5 Tips to Improve the Customer Experience and Increase B2B Efficiency

Customer Experience is arguably one of the hottest buzz words of the year, with benefits like better customer retention, lower operating costs, increased sales, and faster growth. Of course creating (and keeping) happy customers is a goal of any B2B support organization, but it can be a bit daunting.

Rest assured, despite the hype, the fancy words, and the complicated definitions found across the world wide web, the truth is it can be one of the easiest metrics to impact without breaking the bank. Software Advice recently published an article with 5 essential tools for improving the customer experience and we wanted to share it with you.

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