The Key 2020 Customer Service Trends You Need to Know

The new year is here and with it comes our annual list of key customer service trends! Our 2019 trends article was a huge hit, so here’s what is set to make an impact in 2020…

Five Effective Customer Services Strategies for Customer Support

Simply put, your business needs customer service strategies that improve their productivity and customer satisfaction. The right strategies help your customers resolve their issues faster and enable your agents to provide better support.

11 Types of Difficult Customers & How to Deal with Them Infographic

Customer relations are very important to all businesses. Building positive relationship with your customers can do wonders, because customers want to have a positive relationship with you, and if you're lucky they will actively work to maintain it Of course, businesses also put in considerable time and effort into making a relationship rewarding and enriching for both parties. Problems can still arise, but customers are more likely to be patient with businesses that they like and trust. Every interaction a business has with a customer shapes the attitude the customer has towards that business, even if it seems like an inconsequential instance. Businesses can control many aspects of their relationships with customers, but the one thing they cannot control is the customers themselves.

How to Leverage Customer Service Software Reporting Data

Living in the “information age”, it feels like there’s a data point for everything. Not only are insights available for countless topics, but the way data is collected has become streamlined and more efficient. Instead of having a person clicking a counter at a store entrance to see how many people walk through the door each day, some companies now utilize sensors and video technology to acquire this information more accurately and reliably.

How to Improve Customer Service Skills for Your B2B Team

If you’re under any doubt about how important customer service is, almost nine out of ten people have stopped doing business with a company due to a poor service experience. Meanwhile, 55 percent of people would willingly spend more money to guarantee superior service. With this information in mind, here are seven tips on how to improve customer service skills for your B2B team so that you deliver the kind of experience people are looking for.

Customer Service System: How to Find One That Fits Your Business

With so many choices available, selecting the right customer service system for your business isn’t easy. Each member of your leadership team may want different things in the system, but at the end of the day the technology you decide to go with should be the best one for helping your customers.

How a Customer Focused Business Strategy Leads to Success

To some people, the thought of a customer service team and a business strategy group working together could be compared to oil and water. Strategy pros are often the “dreamer” type, thinking big and worrying about how to accomplish their ideas at a later date. Customer service experts, on the other hand, are often meticulous and process oriented people focused on keeping a wide array of customers happy in a timely fashion. So, how exactly can these two functional areas work together – and more importantly – how does connecting them lead to business success? Here are a few ways to achieve a customer focused business strategy…



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