The Key 2020 Customer Service Trends You Need to Know

The new year is here and with it comes our annual list of key customer service trends! Our 2019 trends article was a huge hit, so here’s what is set to make an impact in 2020…

6 Trends in Customer Service to Watch in 2018

It should come as no surprise to customer service professionals that 2018 will be a year of innovation and change in the industry. Customers continue to demand more from companies and the role of the customer service agent has become more important than ever before in keeping satisfaction levels high. In an industry that moves so quickly, staying ahead of the curve can be important to exceed expectations with customer service and make it a competitive advantage during the sales process.

How IT and Customer Service Can Work Together for Success

Over the past decade, few areas of a business have evolved more than the IT department. With technology seeping into all areas of a company, gone are the days of the IT team being confined to a server room. Now, IT professionals work closely with many functional areas because of their importance to operations.

Customer Service Reporting Structure: 5 Key Metrics to Include

As a customer service professional, you have all sorts of data at your fingertips. From hourly ticket totals to the number of chat sessions per day and everything in between, a good customer service system can provide you with the metrics needed to improve your service operation. But, how do you evaluate all available metrics to create a report that’s helpful for you AND highlights the key information upper management wants to see? Here’s our quick guide on how to build an awesome customer service report.

Why Using Live Chat is No Longer Optional in Customer Service

As the years go by, more of our conversations with people aren’t really traditional conversations at all. Calling an old friend to catch up isn’t exactly all that common compared to 20 years ago, with communication though message services and applications leading the way in how people stay in touch with each other. With this shift in communication, customers are also changing how they interact with customer service, including a groundswell of demand for live chat solutions.

How to Change Your B2B Customer Support Reputation

Simply put, a reputation is not built overnight. This is something experienced customer support leadership knows all too well, especially as they embark on a new opportunity at a different company or department. Departmental change often happens in customer support because the support experience has deteriorated and this is negatively impacting the bottom line of a business. But worry not, every day is an opportunity to rebuild and improve so you can bridge this gap in customer service expectations. This means that, slowly but surely, your customer support reputation can become a cornerstone of your business instead of a black eye. Here are some key ways businesses can improve their B2B (business-to-business) customer support reputation.

3 Ways to Save Company Money & Time By Using Self Service Portals

Businesses are always looking to improve their customer support offering and, most importantly, their bottom line. As a result of this, support has evolved over the past decades in unison with technology – from email tickets to live chat – with the “self-service portal” being one of the newer technologies companies are using to provide solutions to customer issues. In fact, self-service has become so popular that some customers may prefer it over more traditional support methods.

While the technology is great, how exactly does it save a company time and money enough that it justifies the cost of setting up, implementing, and maintaining a self-service system? Here are the top 3 ways…

Reduce Customer Service Complaints in B2B

In a perfect world, everything would work as intended and all our customers would be happy. However, things do go wrong and as a business it’s important to plan for when issues pop up. That’s why we all have customer service professionals on our team that work with our customers to ensure they are satisfied with our business relationship. But, in a world that’s always striving to be more efficient, how can you reduce issues to save money and make customers even happier? Here are 4 tips to reduce customer service complaints…

Guest Post: 4 Tips to Reduce Costs with Customer Support Software

You already know that minimizing and cutting cost is a primary concern for most businesses. What you may not be aware of is that you can find effective ways to reduce your overhead with customer support software.

In any customer-facing organization, unchecked costs can lead to inflated overhead costs and hurt the bottom line. One of the biggest ways companies can gain control of this is by looking at their customer support teams and identifying ways to better align agents with customer needs.

How to Build Customer Trust and Loyalty Through Technology

These days, technology is everywhere. Technology affects just about everything the modern human being does, and it even leaves its prints in the business world. One example of this is the way that technology works towards building better customer loyalty towards your business. In order to build customer loyalty through technology, it is crucial for businesses to be interactive with their customers, as well as efficient in delivering assistance. Here are some ways that modern-day technology allows for companies to achieve these levels of responsiveness and efficiency and, as a result, build customer loyalty.

Live Chat Features
Live chat features are a great way for businesses to be more interactive with their customers. Live chat features are chat windows on websites that customers can use to speak to representatives from the company that the website belongs to or is associated with. Even though live chat features may not seem very effective at first glance, consumers are given immediate access to the assistance they need, and this help is delivered in seconds. This is extremely important to consumers, and this does wonders for building their customer loyalty. When a business appears friendly, helpful, and efficient, customers feel more trust towards them, therefore increasing the loyalty towards a given company. Live chat features wield important results for customers, and therefore they are an extremely helpful addition to any business website. 

Social Media Customer Service
In the past decade, social media outlets have taken their places in the technological world and in the lives of customers. Social media is always around us, and it is always affecting how any business runs. It is an important part of how the public views, interacts with, and feels about a company. To not use social media for customer service or for getting to know customers would be a great disadvantage to any company. For this reason, many businesses use social media customer service to their advantage to build customer trust and loyalty. Examples of social media customer service include businesses replying to tweets and mentions with offers of assistance or liking and providing a support button on Facebook in order to be friendly and provide help to customers. Social media customer service is all about companies being more interactive with customers, while also increasing the efficiency of the business in the eyes of the consumers. As a result of this responsiveness, customers are able to experience businesses on a more personal level while receiving the assistance they need, therefore building better customer loyalty towards a company which is utilizing social media.

Customer Support Software
Customer support software is one of many help desk solutions that businesses utilize. Support software exists in order to help customers and businesses alike, and is a great storage device for customer data. Through customer support software customers are able to get the help they need from companies, therefore building their customer loyalty to a company even more. This also makes customers feel as if though their comments and questions are valued, and they will appreciate that they are not being ignored. Customers’ time and opinions are valuable to the progress and improvement of a company, and customer support software allows businesses to utilize these resources rather than waste them. Companies are able to address complaints and concerns using this advanced software, and customers are able to get the results they want and need from the businesses that they depend on every single day. Customer support software can have a very important hand in building customer loyalty towards companies if it is used properly by these businesses.



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