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Getting the Focus of Customer Support Back on the Customer

SaaS Issue Tracking: 4 Benefits for Software Companies

As a software company, it can be difficult at times to keep up with the demands of your customers. They’ll clamor for a new feature and you’ll spend months building and testing it, only to have it go live with unforeseen issues popping up. Next thing you know, you’re getting support tickets coming in from all different directions with customers reporting problems in several areas of your software. This can leave companies overwhelmed and paralyzed, forcing them to ask one question…

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How to Tackle Ticket Triages Before They Start

There’s no quicker way to ruin your company’s customer support image than a bad review. The list of should haves, would haves and could haves instantly hits you when you realize just which improperly handled ticket was the one that set the bad review in motion.

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Bug Tracking: How Customer Support Software Helps

If you’re a software company, you know tracking bugs can sure be a pain. After testing a new software feature to death, you finally decide to roll it out to every user but unfortunately the new feature has spawned bugs all over your software. Tickets are flying in left and right as your support team scrambles to understand the bugs and their impact on your business. But what if there was an easier way? Let’s look at the specifics of bug tracking and how customer support software can help.

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Customer Support Channels You Should Offer in B2B

We hear and see a lot about social media in both marketing and customer service these days. As a fellow B2B product/service provider we often wonder how much social media really plays a role in customer support for business customers, and a recent study from GetRank confirms although it is being used more commonly, among small and medium businesses (SMBs) it hasn't been widely adopted. Phone and email/web forms still top the preferred customer support channels for business customers.

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Leverage the Power of B2B Software Reviews - Part 3 of 3

In Part 2 we addressed what buyers are looking for when they consult online reviews and how to collect them, including supporting stats from the research conducted by Software Advice, in their survey of 386 B2B software buyers.


  • 71% of buyers will only consider reviews written in the past 6 months
  • 47% of reviewers said being asked for a review didn't bother them at all
  • Half of users actually leave reviews to provide product feedback re: feature requests and bug fixes

Now that we understand the importance of reviews, as well as why people leave them and how to collect them, it's time to address the scary part - What about negative reviews?

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Understand Your B2B Customers Better

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