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Customer Service is about the Customer

The golden rule of customer service is not "the customer is always right", it's that at the end of the day, no matter what industry you are in or whether you offer B2C or B2B customer support, your job is to make your customers' lives easier. Allow me to provide an example of what not to do, and some pointers on how you can make your customers' lives easier and provide a positive customer service experience.

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Bulletproof Customer Service Tip #3 - Employee Appreciation

So far, we’ve been focusing on your customers. Now let’s talk about the second most important group of people in your business - the customer representatives. You’ve trained them well, and they have skills and talents that make them the best in the business, but this is all null and void if they don't have an interest in the work. There are a number of reasons your employees may not be happy with their job, but every reason tends to have the same result: reduced levels of customer service.

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Bulletproof Customer Service Tip #2 - Personalization

Once your team has the skills and the training to use them properly, you're off to a great start. The real heart of customer service is personal interaction with the customer. There are a number of advantages to having a real person respond, as opposed to using automated systems. Be sure you use those advantages as much as you can.

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Senior management's impact on customer service

The customer service industry is usually focused on two important roles - the customer and the customer service representative. While those are of course the main players, senior management of the business also plays an important but underrated role in the customer service environment. Managers make the big decisions, and while their work may seem nebulous or too high-level for many customer service discussions, they have a major impact on the way in which customer service is handled.

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Bulletproof Customer Service Tip #1 - Skills and Training


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