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TeamSupport Customer Service Software Introduces Customer Distress Index to Better Manage Customers

With TeamSupport’s new Customer Distress Index reporting feature, customer support teams can now predict customers’ dissatisfaction before it escalates

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The Benefits Of Collaborative Customer Support Software

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After Outgrowing its Help Desk Software, Heartland ECSI Selects TeamSupport Customer Support Software

Discover how TeamSupport helped the student loan software company improve efficiencies and save the equivalent of one full-time employee

Heartland ECSI had experienced remarkable growth over the past 10 years and its help desk software could no longer support the company’s increasingly sophisticated operations. After evaluating 15 different customer support software systems, Heartland ECSI selected TeamSupport, one of the top customer service software solutions on the market, as its new help desk solution.

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TeamSupport, one of the industry’s top help desk software solutions, announces all-new inventory section

Customer service teams using TeamSupport B2B customer support software will benefit from expanded and customized features

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New Feature Added - Agent Ratings!

Customer support teams using TeamSupport help desk software can now benefit from using Agent Ratings!

TeamSupport's all new Agent Ratings feature invites customers to rate their support experience to give you real-time insights

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