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5 Tips to Improve the Customer Experience and Increase B2B Efficiency

Customer Experience is arguably one of the hottest buzz words of the year, with benefits like better customer retention, lower operating costs, increased sales, and faster growth. Of course creating (and keeping) happy customers is a goal of any B2B support organization, but it can be a bit daunting.

Rest assured, despite the hype, the fancy words, and the complicated definitions found across the world wide web, the truth is it can be one of the easiest metrics to impact without breaking the bank. Software Advice recently published an article with 5 essential tools for improving the customer experience and we wanted to share it with you.

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What Channels to Offer for B2B Customer Support?

We hear and see a lot about social media in both marketing and customer service these days. As a fellow B2B product/service provider we often wonder how much social media really plays a role in customer support for business customers, and a recent study from GetRank confirms although it is being used more commonly, among small and medium businesses (SMBs) it hasn't been widely adopted. Phone and email/web forms still top the preferred channels for business customers.

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Customers prefer self-service and omnichannel support options

We've written many times about the importance, even necessity, of meeting and exceeding customer expectations when it comes to customer support.  As the B2B world slowly comes around, we're seeing more and more studies that support this - like Forrester's recent report on top trends in customer service, and this article from SmartCustomerService regarding the same.

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What’s the best help desk software with customer self-service tools?

TeamSupport collaborative help desk software provides customer support tools so customers can resolve issues on their own!

Many customers want to try resolving software issues on their own. TeamSupport’s collaborative help desk software provides a number of resources to help them, from advanced portal tools and an extensive Knowledge Base to community forums.

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Does communication consistently break down within your help desk?

TeamSupport’s powerful, easy-to-use Web-based customer support software is the solution!

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