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5 Tips for Defining Support Ticket Severity

The definition of ticket severity comes in many flavors depending on opinions. Some support solutions have so many severity types to choose from it's overwhelming. Or others are so vague no one really knows what they mean. Both of these are not only confusing to the customer, but also confusing to the support team. The job of a customer support provider is to make your customers' lives easier and to make support as efficient as possible. With that in mind, here are 5 tips to define your support ticket severity:

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Managing your support tickets

The success of business-to-business (B2B) customer support relies primarily on how efficiently agents handle incoming tickets. Your organization could have the best, brightest, and most courteous support employees, but the job's not getting done if they can't address incoming queries. 

Agents could fall behind on tickets for any number of reasons. Increasing workloads make it harder for reps to manage their daily tasks. Your agents could be using a ticketing system that simply collects customer issues but doesn't organize them, or perhaps customer correspondence gets lost among a slew of incoming emails. If any of these sound familiar or if your agents aren't responding to customers in a timely, organized fashion, it's time to switch to a B2B customer support software solution with features designed to manage tickets.

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Agent efficiency is key to excellent customer service

Efficiency means success for businesses no matter what their industry. Business.com noted some organizations that dominate their respective fields by focusing on efficient processes to make things more convenient for customers. Their turnaround time is short, and customers don't have to go through drawn-out processes to get what they want.

Customer support teams should operate the same way so they can meet customer demands by operating as efficiently as possible. Collaborative customer support software that lets agents communicate directly with customers helps teams work faster and provide better solutions.

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How to handle an increase in customer support tickets

Occasionally, customer support teams experience a sudden upsurge in incoming tickets. Whether they are anticipated or happen unexpectedly, a large number of incoming tickets means more work for agents. A poorly functioning team with subpar software will quickly become swamped with the workload. On the other hand, agents with the right tools and structure will easily address these tickets in a timely, supportive manner and help customers find solutions on their own. Here are some tips for handling an increase in customer support tickets:

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Help desk software should grow with you

When companies are just starting out, customer service is a top priority. Not only does an engaged support team serve as a valuable resource for businesses to gain insights for improvement, these staff members play a vital role in customer retention. However, at the beginning stages of a new business, funds are often low and the customer service offering is typically limited to a handful of knowledgeable employees and a variety of manual processes for tracking client concerns.

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