Customer Support ROI | | Published May 29, 2024

Transforming Customer Support with a User-Friendly Ticketing System

In the fall of 2020, POMS Corp., a leader in the manufacturing industry, decided that enough was enough. For years, the POMS support team had battled a ticketing system that seemed to create more problems than it solved. Support requests were frequently buried and lost, only to resurface too late. Some tickets were even left unanswered, leading to unsatisfied customers and frustrated team members. 


This chaotic workflow made it nearly impossible to meet SLAs (Service Level Agreements), let alone tackle complex customer issues requiring immediate attention. The cries for a better, modernized ticketing system, along with a searchable knowledge base, were growing louder day by day.

Enter TeamSupport

Amid the mayhem, POMS was introduced to TeamSupport, a revolutionary ticketing system that promised to resolve these issues. By October 2020, POMS Corp. embraced TeamSupport, becoming the fifth entity under the Constellation Software umbrella to make this significant shift.

The Implementation Journey

The initial goal was straightforward: to increase efficiency using a purpose-built ticketing system. Little did they know, this was the beginning of a transformative journey. From the moment the switch was made, TeamSupport began showing its magic. POMS team members were pleasantly surprised at how seamless the transition was. The daunting task of moving to a new system turned out to be simpler than they had ever imagined.


TeamSupport’s unique features were the perfect fit for POMS. Customizable ticket fields ensured that support agents had all the nuanced information they needed to tackle even the most complex customer problems. Visualizing the status of all open tickets within TeamSupport’s dashboard became easier, allowing agents to stay on top of every support request. Automated ticket reports, generated and sent with minimal effort, provided invaluable insights into performance metrics and workload distribution.

The Knowledge Revolution

But the allure of TeamSupport didn’t stop at ticket management. Over time, the benefits began to snowball into other areas as well, most notably the robust knowledge base. This powerful tool helped customers find their own solutions to common problems, reducing the load on support staff. This self-sufficiency was a win-win for everyone involved.


POMS support team went all-in, ramping up their knowledge base to cater to a wide array of customer queries and troubleshooting scenarios. As a result, customers could quickly find information, making it unnecessary to wait for a support agent to respond. This resource empowered customers, helping them feel more in control and increasing the levels of satisfaction with the support they received.

Sustaining Success

Four years into their partnership with TeamSupport, POMS Corp. continues to observe positive trends. The expanded and enriched knowledge base, filled with FAQs and relevant articles, began yielding exceptional results. Despite an expanding customer base, ticket volumes saw a decline, thanks to TeamSupport’s self-help options.

Customer Satisfaction

The crowning achievement of the relationship between POMS and TeamSupport has been POMS’ sustained 96% customer satisfaction rating. The once daunting and messy support landscape transformed into an organized, efficient, and highly effective support ecosystem. Adopting TeamSupport allowed POMS to meet and even exceed their support goals, fostering stronger customer relationships and setting a gold standard for customer service in their industry.

TeamSupport Revolutionized Customer Service

Adopting a customer-friendly ticketing system like TeamSupport has proven to be a game-changer for POMS Corp. From buried and lost support tickets to an automated, streamlined system, the transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. In the ever-evolving landscape of customer support, TeamSupport has indeed set a new benchmark for what is possible, pushing POMS Corp. to new heights of success and customer satisfaction.


So, if your business is grappling with an outdated and disorganized ticketing system, take a page out of POMS Corp.’s book. Embrace our customer-centric solution and watch as chaos turns into cohesion, inefficiency becomes efficiency, and every customer interaction transforms into an opportunity for delight and satisfaction. With the right tools and a commitment to ongoing improvement, you too can achieve–and sustain–customer satisfaction.