Customer Self-Service | | Published February 28, 2013

From the CEO: Understanding the customer support revolution

At TeamSupport, we recognize the shift to the cloud has changed the demands for customer support service.

To continue providing customers with the best client support software, we analyzed the impact the cloud has on our customer support services.


From the CEO Robert C. Johnson From the CEO
Robert C. Johnson

It’s no secret the nature of software delivery has radically changed in the last few years as everyone heads to the cloud. Our mission at TeamSupport is to offer the best software for customer support, so this shift in use forced us to change our definition of customer service. I’d encourage you to consider the same.

In my recent guest column for Wired, I’ve outlined five reasons I believe the cloud has forever changed the customer support software industry.




1. Customer Portability.

The cloud has given rise to subscription billing. Customers now look at their software needs on a month-to-month basis rather than a significant, once-every-few-years investment. Customer care is vital to retaining users.

2. Try Before You Buy.

A customer’s experience during the trial phase has the power to make or break the buying decision. Customer support – answering questions and resolving problems – during this tryout period is critical.

3. Visibility Into How Customers are Using Systems.

Cloud-based applications allow us to monitor users’ interactions. This access allows customer support to improve the resolution time.

4. Single Code Base.

Cloud software solutions generally run the same version of software for all clients so the bugs and patches in previous versions no longer haunt customer support.

5. Relationship Between Customer and Vendor.

With the social media craze, word travels quickly – there is no escaping an unhappy customer with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. You must develop a positive relationship with your customer. At TeamSupport, we’ve seen how having the best help desk and customer support software has helped our business grow.

If you want to hear more about TeamSupport’s customer service philosophies and how they can help you dramatically improve your help desk, contact us today!

Your partner in service,

Robert C. Johnson