Business Practices | | Published December 24, 2013

VIDEO: In building the best B2B customer support team, are you evaluating your help desk members’ leadership style?

TeamSupport helpdesk software’s CEO Robert C. Johnson shares the questions he asks new hires and employees to build one of the industry’s best customer support teams

TeamSupport leader best help desk softwareIf your company strives to offer the best help desk solutions, the first step is to assess the leadership style of each customer support agent. In this short video, Robert C. Johnson, CEO of help desk software, presents a handful of questions to determine the leadership philosophy of your customer service team.

In this, one of a 10-part video series, he shares questions to ask customer support agents to determine if they are self-aware, strategic or are able to delegate. The answers will help you to assemble the very best issue management team possible.

Questions to Ask About Leadership Style Philosophy

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