Business Practices | | Published December 26, 2013

Assessing The Strengths and Weaknesses of Support Leaders

Robert C. Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport customer support software and seasoned entrepreneur, explains how to analyze the qualities of customer service staff

chart-good-leader-best-customer-support-softwareAs your company strives to build the best help desk system available, you must also evaluate the characteristics of your leaders.

In this short video featuring Robert C. Johnson, CEO of B2B help ticket app, you’ll discover how to generate a chart that summarizes a leader’s strengths and weaknesses. Johnson shares how to identify desirable traits and create a rating sheet to develop the best customer support leaders.

How to Create a Chart That Shows Strengths & Weakness of a Good Leader

As one of the industry’s best trouble ticket systems, TeamSupport helps support the power of excellent customer service. A seasoned software executive, Johnson built TeamSupport to dramatically improve the customer experience with an award-winning b2b help desk software system. Find out what the best service desk professionals do to be successful.

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