B2B Customer Support | | Published July 09, 2015

How Video Enhances the Customer Support Experience

Remember the old saying "a picture is worth 1000 words"?  Well that is still true today, and if a picture is worth a thousand, then video must be in the millions. The same goes for using video in customer support - there are so many benefits to using video - in fact according to our recent infographic, the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text! That's why TeamSupport offers 2 different ways to use video to improve your customer support efforts.

First is integrated screen recordings. This allows you to not only explain, but show solutions to your customers in detail. On the flip side, your customers can record their screen to show you EXACTLY what they are experiencing. So customers can relay more useful information with ease, and support teams can resolve issues faster by first understanding the issue in full, and then providing detailed instructions on how to resolve the issue.


The second way to use video to enhance the customer experience is using video recording. Agents can add video actions into tickets by using their web cam. This creates the personal touch that is often lacking in today's interactions, due to the widespread use of video and phone. In the B2B world, it's rare that a customer can walk up to a customer service desk and talk to a person face-to-face. With video recording, you can at least give your customers a real live person to look at. It's also a great tool for showing product features, especially if you have a highly technical product. You can simply position your web cam to show the product, and do a complete walk through for the customer, all integrated within the support ticket!


These are incredibly powerful visual support features to enhance your customer support offering, and as far as we know they're unique to TeamSupport, so if you haven't already please check out our software with a free 14 day trial:

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