B2B Customer Support | 5 min read | Published May 01, 2020

4 Ways to Use Video for Your Customer Support & Operations

Video support is a great way to solve issues efficiently and increase customer satisfaction. Don't tell a customer how to do something, show them!

Living in a world where remote work is now common, more companies are leveraging video technology than ever before to keep in touch internally and with customers. Be it company-wide staff meeting or leadership calls, video has become an important part of how we work. So, how can businesses make the most of video technology to improve their customer support and operations? Here are four ways to use video for customer support:

1) Save time by showing solutions instead of telling – Support interactions have traditionally happened on two channels in the past: email and phone. Live chat has emerged as a fast channel for solving simple problems, but more companies are turning to video technology to assist in solving complex issues. For example, a software company will now schedule 15 minutes for a video call with a customer to show a resolution to their issue instead of trying to walk them through the process for an hour over the phone. Who doesn’t want that additional 45 back? It’s a win-win for both parties!

2) Inform entire groups of people visually at the same time – Sometimes, support issues are important but they aren’t always urgent. When several issues with a customer fit these criteria, a quick working session with a support agent and a group of employees at the same company can be scheduled to resolve everything through video technology. Encourage your contacts to invite relevant colleagues and make it a fun Q&A more than an issue-solving marathon. The more people that are involved and knowledgeable about your product, the better.

3) Create a video information library for your customers – Let’s say your support agent just had a great Q&A session and solved a few problems along the way. What’s the next step internally? Take the video recording from your session and quickly splice it to make referenceable videos. This way, should your customer hire a new employee, you’ll have custom videos on different topics ready to share with them on how they should work with your company. It’s an excellent value add to customers because you can help do the heavy lifting involved with training new hires.

4) Use video for internal knowledge and training – Even if you’re positioning these videos as customer-focused assets, they do have another purpose. The recordings created from support conversations can be used to not only get team members in support up to speed on an account but also other departments including sales, onboarding, customer success, and marketing. For example, if your sales team is trying to upsell a customer on a new feature, they can review a previous video recording from a support agent where the customer goes into detail on their need for this exact feature. It can provide the salesperson with the intel required to address the pain point right out of the gate and hopefully improve their chance of landing the sale.


The big takeaway is making sure you maximize all aspects of the technology. Not only is it an aid to help solve customer issues faster, but the recordings that are created from video conversations can reduce ticket volume (the information library) and assist in sharing vital internal knowledge to hopefully drive revenue.

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