Hints and Tips | | Published October 23, 2012

TeamSupport Launches New Brand and Web Site

Core principles of teamwork and collaboration, key factors in delivering exceptional customer service, are reflected in new look.

TeamSupport.com, the award-winning provider of collaborative customer support software, has reintroduced itself with a new brand identity and Web site.

The new logo and Web site, featuring a stylized team of colleagues in a “huddle,” reflects TeamSupport’s unique focus on harnessing the power of teamwork, communication and collaboration to deliver exceptional customer service.

“Every member of the ‘team’ behind TeamSupport has worked in customer support roles, from management to call center employee, throughout our careers. We uniquely understand the challenges and opportunities facing customer support departments—particularly in these highly competitive economic times when every customer’s satisfaction is critical,” said Robert C. Johnson, Founder and CEO of TeamSupport.

“TeamSupport is all about helping businesses provide exceptional customer support through better collaboration and teamwork. One of our initial design goals was to facilitate better internal and external communication and promote a highly collaborative environment for teams,” said Johnson.

This is the first major rebranding effort undertaken by the company since its debut in 2009.

While most help desk systems are best suited for one-on-one communications with customers and do not focus on the big picture, TeamSupport is different. The powerful, yet flexible, software is designed to bring visibility to everyone on the team and enable full collaboration to solve the underlying issues.

Used by customer support and help desks worldwide, TeamSupport is easily configured and customized; the application is offered in several reasonably priced, upgradeable versions. TeamSupport is scalable from a simple help-desk application to a 100+ seat enterprise-wide customer support and product defect tracking system.

“We strongly believe the best customer support experience is rooted in team collaboration,” said Johnson. “TeamSupport helps support departments work more effectively as a team and easily draw on each other’s experience to get the best solution. Our new brand and Web site reflect these core principles.”

In addition to the recent rebrand and Web site launch, TeamSupport will be rolling out some new product features in the coming weeks that will allow teams to work even closer together to solve customer issues and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Learn more today by visiting www.TeamSupport.com.